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  In order to support the market demand, DM8 Composites has fully gathered its design and engineering capabilities, together with its skilled and experienced team and modern equipment and technologies, to offer a variety of services form New build, to Ship repair, as well as Refit services. We are not restricted to only FRP vessels, but through ''Dynacast Shipbuilding & repairs, our affiliate shipyard, we offer similar services for steel and aluminum ships.


New Build

   The strength of DM8 Composites is that it has international expertise and skills that cater to the modern age of boat manufacturing. Our vessels are built with the finest composite materials available, all imported from Europe and internationally classed. Our cutting-edge construction process includes large-scale vacuum infusion that creates a strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than steel and solid laminate. Our collection ranges from Patrol boats, and passenger ferries to Pleasure yachts and all our vessels are BV approved. 


       Ship Repair,

Maintenance & Refit

 In DM8 Composites, we advice periodic cleaning and maintenance because they are necessary for every vessel, even if a well-built FRP boat does not require maintenance as often as metallic vessels do.

Our shared slipways with "Dynacast shipbuilding & Repairs" allow us to drydock vessels up to 120 m long. 

We repair and maintain all types of FRP vessels, whether its a simple repair or a structural one, ranging from regular maintenance, to re-engine projects, mechanical maintenance, to propeller and shaft repairs, as well an interior refit and remodeling.

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