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FRP shipbuilding is a way more complex process then metal shipbuilding which requires a high level of knowledge, experience and skills.

Design & Engineering

The design and engineering come first in the boatyard process. DM8 international design team creates modern and efficient boat designs, and work together with foreign consultancy office to double check and develop detailed drawings, structural and stability analysis.

DM8 engineers use sophisticated composite material software to define lamination schedules, and calculate the different mechanical properties of the FRP such shear stiffness, tensile, flexible modulus and impact.

All company designs and calculations are certified by Bureau VERITAS in order to ensure safe, efficient and high-quality vessels.



The Vacuum infusion process is the most important part of the vessel manufacturing system. This complex technique consists on using the vacuum pressure to evacuate the air from the fiber or closed cell foam prior to injecting the resin along the porous material. The result of VIP is a higher quality, a better consistency, a higher fiber-to-resin ratio and a minimal part shrinkage.


Sea trial

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