HSC 40

Launched in September 2018

Design and build by DM8 Composites.

Basic specifications

Length overall (LOA)

 12,3 m

Length of waterline (LWL)

10,6 m


3,10 m

Hull Type

Deep V Hull

Cruising Speed

30 kts

Top Speed

60 kts


10 pax.

HSC 40 GA INBOARD PROFIl retouch.png


The HTC 40 is a sea proven High speed interceptor presenting a sleek and aggressive design. It is designed to withstand a sea state 3 sea condition while offering a smooth navigation. It is user friendly and the semi enclosed cabin offer a permanent protection to the crew at all weather states.


 The deep V hull with the hard chine is optimized for high speed navigation at planing mode, providing excellent sea keeping abilities allowing a high level of crew comfort and endurance. The craft with its 4 x 350 HP Mercury outboard engines,  is able to attain a maximum speed of 60 kts. It has a range of 300 NM @ 35 kts & 1 hour hot pursuit @ 60 kts max speed.

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Why choose HTC 40


High speed

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Proven Design