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As water-based public transport contributes a major role in the transport infrastructure of the Philippines and South East Asia, DM8 Composites continues to design and build contemporary ferries to answer the increasing urge of the maritime and shipping industry  for fuel efficient, seaworthy, and safe vessels. 

DM8-30 is built in both Aluminum and Fiberglass materials.


Length overall (LOA)

31 m

Length of waterline (LWL)

30 m


10 m

Hull Type


Cruising Speed

21 kts

Top Speed

26 kts


326 pax.

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 By putting special focus on hull form development, weight control, energy efficiency,  and improvement of the General Arrangement, as well as the materials integration between aluminum hull and FRP superstructure with the advantage of a reduced cost,  the new concept of DM8-30 stands out among the other ferries offered in the market. It is a modern and fast passenger ferry presenting a protected and sleek superstructure that offers the passengers an enjoyable ride and allows the vessel to navigate in variant sea states. The catamaran offers 233 economy seats on the main deck, 62 in business on the upper deck, in addition to 31 outdoor seats. 



 The DM8 30 ferry offers a smooth navigation and high sea-worthiness properties. The boldness and carefully selected heavy duty machinery and equipment make this ferry outstanding for a reliable operation. Furthermore, all essential machinery and navigational equipment are internationally branded. DM8-30 does not compromise on safety. The layout and personal lifesaving equipment guarantee a safe escape. The multiple compartment arrangement provides a stable vessel for damage condition.  To minimize the risk of fire, we use mainly nonflammable materials and a lavish firefighting system. 

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Why choose DM8-30


High quality materials

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Great Performance


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