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It was specifically designed to fill a gap in the market for a mid-sized motor-yacht with an open deck to accommodate groups of friends and families who decided to spend their sunset time differently, or to celebrate special occasions in a special way, or even to cruise around the gorgeous islands for few days. 

C-LANE 24 retouch 1.png


Length overall (LOA)

24 m

Length of waterline (LWL)

23.5 m


9 m

Hull Type


Cruising Speed

14 kts

Top Speed

18 kts


70 pax.

SIDE VIEW retouch.png
TOP VIEW retouch1.png


C-LANE 24 is a modern and innovative multihull motor-yacht. It stands out by its sleek design and beautiful lines, featuring a luxurious minimalist interior design. With her two decks, this catamaran offers wide and open spaces, big enough to cater for big parties and entertainment, while leaving a private upper deck for a quieter and VIP reception. The C-LANE 24 provides accommodation for up to eight guests in four cabins with fine luxurious finishing, along with cabins for a complement of four crew.  

C Lane interieur 3.png
C Lane interieur.png


The C-LANE 24 is a pleasure boat that combines an exceptional performance at sea and a high level of comfort. The C-LANE 24 motor-yacht is at the cutting edge of cruising performance and due to the lightweight fiberglass epoxy construction, the yacht is able to motor very efficiently, minimizing emissions and saving fuel. 


Why choose C-LANE 24

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Sleek Design


Unique experience

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Wide Deck


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